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Scale your resources on demand

The Power to Change Anytime. Flexibilty.

Don't have your VPS fixed to a set size. With the ability to scale your server's resources up and down to any demands, you can be safe from any sudden surge of visitors or new requirements. Simply select your target VPS and assign any new components from your resource pool in a few clicks.

Clone, Replicate or Backup. Snapshots.

Take the hassle out of backups with our auto snapshot scheduling for daily, weekly, monthly or on demand. With the ability to use your snapshots to create new VPS nodes or to save as a template for future resource deployment.
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Global Anycast DNS Network

Anycast DNS.
Free and Unlimited.

As soon as you order your first cloud vps solution from Keynode you will have access to our Global Anycast DNS Network to give your services higher redundancy and faster initial load speeds. You can add as many domains as you wish with no limits on records.
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Manage your VPS from anywhere

Free iOS App for quick and easy managment.

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Simple, Easy, Powerful Control.

Easily Build, Restart, Secure, Scale, Manage, Backup and much more.