Load Balancers.
100% Availability.

Feature rich, fully managed, highly available Load Balancer clusters.

Distribute network or application traffic across any number of servers. Use our load balancers to increase capacity (concurrent users) and reliability of applications.

SSL Termination

Offload SSL to your loadbalancer to handle incoming TLS connections and passing on the request to your servers.

Multiple Ports, Multiple Services

Balance any port that is required by your services. More than one? no worries.

Session Persistence

Ensure your applications sessions work correctly by sending visitors always to the same server through our balancers.

Wide Range of Methods to Balance

Not every service is the same and that is why we have multiple balancing methods to get the best result. Round robin, least load, RDP cookies or cookie insertion.

Floating IP4 and IP6 Addresses

Each load balancer comes IP6 ready and is assigned IPs ready for use.

Real-time Statistics

Know what is happening as it is happening, via our real-time statistics interface.