Creating your first VPS

After you have selected and ordered your new Resource Pool and the resources have been activated. We can then create our first Virtual Private Server and instantly have it deployed.

Viewing your Resource Pools and Services

You can view all your Resource Pools and Products/Service by logging into your account and going via the menu to Services > My Services

From the "My Products & Services" list click on the Resource Pool you wish to manage and use to create your new VPS.

On the Resource Pool page, you will get an overall of your Total Resources, Billing Terms, Resource Status, Location and a list of your built Virtual Private Servers.

Because we have created a new Resource Pool we do not have any VPS listed yet.
To create your first VPS click the Create Virtual Server button.

Create your Virtual Server

On the New Server Details Page you can fill out the following fields:


This is just to name your new VPS and differentiate it in the server lists.


This will be the hostname of your server, example:


We have a large variety of different OS's to chose from. Select your desired Distro for your new VPS.

Root Password

Enter a good secure password for your root user. We recommend using many different types of special characters and making it longer then 16 characters in length. We suggest a tool like 1Password to keep track and create good secure passwords.

Licensing Key

Generally you can keep this field empty, as it is only used for OS's that require a license.


Select how much memory you would like to use from your Resource Pool and allocate to this new VPS.


Select how many CPU(s) you would like to allocate to this new VPS from your Resource Pool.

Primary Disk Size

This will be your Boot Disk and we recommend at least 10-20 GB, remember to leave 1 GB free for your Swap Disk which is the next selection.

Swap Disk Size

Select at least 1GB for your Swap Disk.

IP Addresses

Each new VPS needs at least 1 IPv4 Address. You can add an IPv6 address by contacting our support team after the new VPS is built.

Network Zone

Please leave this selected as Public Network Zone, as the other selections are for special deployments.

These resources allocated to your VPS can be upgraded or downgraded at anytime after the initial deployment

Once done, click Add New Virtual Server

You will the be taken back to the Resource Pool management page where you will see your new VPS listed.

Please Note: When you delete a Virtual Machine, it also removes all snapshots created.

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