How many servers can I build and run with a Resource Pool?

A Resource Pool is like a virtual bucket of resources needed to build your servers. Each time you allocate some of the resources to a new server those resource become "used" and can no longer be used for other servers. The Resource Pools contain everything you need to build a server, including; CPUs, RAM, Storage and IPs.

If you ever run out of resources from your pool then you can add more by upgrading the Resource Pool at anytime.

You can use your resources to build one big server or many small servers. There are no set plans or set server specifications.

For any new VPS you need a minimum of 1 public IPv4 and 1 CPU. We recommend at least 1GB of RAM and 10-20GB of Storage with 1GB for Swap Disk.

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Can I add and/or remove resources from my Resource Pool anytime?

Yes you can. If you ever find you need more resources on a VPS and you need to add more to your Resource Pool to allocate to said VPS. Or, you want to build another VPS, you can add more resources anytime. You can also remove resources when you no longer need them. After logging into your account…