Can I add and/or remove resources from my Resource Pool anytime?

Yes you can.
If you ever find you need more resources on a VPS and you need to add more to your Resource Pool to allocate to said VPS. Or, you want to build another VPS, you can add more resources anytime.
You can also remove resources when you no longer need them.

After logging into your account and viewing your services, click on your Resource Pool and you will see the option on the Resource Pool page to Upgrade/Downgrade

Once you click on the Upgrade/Downgrade Option and get taken to the Upgrade/Downgrade page you will be presented with your resource values.
You can type in your new resources you need, increasing or decreasing the values.

And once done click Continue and the request will be sent to our sales team.
Our Sales team will then review and apply the updated resource allocations to your pool.

You will be charged or credited a daily amount based on the change, pro-rated to your next normal billing cycle.

Please note that the minimum for any Resource Pool is:
2 CPUs
1 IP
50GB Snapshot Storage
30GB Primary Disk Size

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What Hypervisor do you use?

We run the excellent XEN Hypervisor across all our cloud platforms. Our physical nodes are all HP Blades - specifically BL460C Gen8 Blade.